CORONA update English

Dear parent(s),
In order to contain the coronavirus, the government has decided to suspend a number of activities in schools. This has consequences for your child:

  • All lessons will be suspended until and including april 3rd.
  • All internships will be suspended until and including april 3rd.
  • Students in a trajectory of “Duaal Leren” are in a special position. At the time of writing, their trajectory will keep going. We will provide information as soon as possible.
  • In exceptional cases, your child can still come to school to be taken care of during the day. If you inform us that this is necessary, we will provide day-care from 09h20 until 15h00. You will have to notice us up front.Dear
  • Contact to ask for day-care for your child:
    by phone 09h-15h (Monday-Friday)
    by an electronical smartschool message to headmaster Sarah Vriens
    Further information will be provided by Smartschool message on Monday 16/03 at 15h. Reading this information and guidelines is obligatory for students.
    All measures mentioned are valid from 16/03/2020 until and including 03/04/2020.

Thank you for understanding,
Directieteam Technicum Noord-Antwerpen